Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Medlock Way Cycleway Consultation

Just received this email from Manchester Council's Cycle Forum. Nothing like giving plenty of notice...

From: cycle.forum@manchester.gov.uk

Dear All,

The consultation for the proposed cycle link from the Mancunian Way Toucan Crossing via Medlock Street to the City Centre is available on the Council website.

Closing date for comments is the 5th October.

See attached link http://www.manchester.gov.uk/info/200024/consultations_and_surveys/6665/better_by_cycle/8

Yet another sticking plaster measure from Manchester City Council. This time it's turning a short section of pavement into a shared use cycleway.

1 comment:

  1. The whole Roundabout needs a looking at, too many mixed messages being sent out. There is a cyclelane on the road down from Stretford Road to Princess Road, leading directly onto the roundabout. Crazy.

    To use the Toucan, you need to travel along a path that needs relaying & resist the elephant in the room (using the Underpass & subway system.)

    I presume that the Subway is cycle-prohibited due to speed picked up on the ramps down may lead to injured pedestrians. A chicane at the bottom of each ramp would remedy this, cycles come to a stop. If the Subway was made safe for Pedestrian & cycle use, then the Toucans could be removed & keep road traffic flowing.