Monday, 12 August 2013

£20M for cycling in Manchester

Council officers in Manchester City Council and TfGM along with key City Councillors should be feeling proud of their efforts on creating the successful VeloCity 2025 bid and being awarded the full £20M they asked for, not the £15M reported in a LibDem leak.

DfT anouncement in full

The bid unlocks a significant programme of spending on cycle routes in Manchester and there will also be money for community based cycle cultural events. However, it is a tiny amount when compared to the billions being wasted by this government on road building.

However, the bid only builds radial routes, many of which are squeezed onto canal tow paths. Ironically if the work succeeds in increasing cycling these routes will rapidly become congested.

So this can only be seen as a first step in the right direction, not the solution to the sad state of cycling facilities in Manchester.

P.S. If any of this money gets spent on "Cyclist Dismount" signs or anti-cycling barriers it will be a waste!

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