Sunday, 17 July 2011

Fallowfield Loop Sculptures

There are a few sculptures on the Fallowfield Loop cycle path. Unfortunately none of the leaflets give their locations or origins, so here's my record of them and any information where I can find it. Click on the images to see the locations.

Man, woman and child by local sculptor Rachel Ramchurn

More information about the project

The only Sustrans Milepost I noticed.

Four animal sculptures

from the Friends of Fallowfield Loop Newsletter

The stone sculptures situated between Princess Road and Athol Road were originally funded from a grant for the improvement of the A6 corridor, and had simply been ‘parked’ in their original site. The team has now moved them to where they belong, apart from the heaviest one which has had to be left where it is. A site has been arranged for the four animal sculptures between Slade Lane and Errwood Road, and brick and stone plinths have been constructed to give them high visibility to passers-by.

And finally the one sculpture which does feature in a leaflet, but I can find no other information about it on-line.

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