Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Quay's Gateway - Cross Lane to Trafford Road

Just when I thought Manchester had some pretty mad stuff going on, I tried to ride over to MediaCity on the bike. One key point is the crossing of Regent Road/M602 at what the local council's map calls Quay's gateway. I'll let the pictures tell the three million pound story, starting at the southern end of Cross Lane.

as you can see with only a few months to go before MediaCity opens it is far from being finished, though the notes from the Salford Cycle Forum indicate it should have been finished in August.

Link it to pictures taken back in August.

there are steep slopes up and down to get over the railway line

there are some pretty sharp corners

and underground sections

but the real sting is in the tail...

At the end of all this you get dumped out onto the Trafford Road dual carriageway

where (unless you illegally cycle down the pavement) you have to get in the right hand lane

to turn into Broadway and head for MediaCity

Not something you would want to do in fast moving traffic!

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