Monday, 6 December 2010

Great Ancoats Street

Heading Northwest along

is a cycle lane that's got a split personality...

It gets off to a start in the most useful of places, a bus stop, just after the road crosses the Rochdale Canal.

At this point it is definitely an advisory on-road cycle lane, but it then vanishes to fit in a pedestrian crossing...

it resumes as a cycle lane,

but then swerves onto the pavement for just a few meters

before forcing the cyclist out into the path of the moving traffic at the lights.

Then after the junction it is back onto the pavement for an obstacle course round the poles,

a dangerous squeeze between a sign and the oncoming buses,

and a dubious side road crossing,

more squeezing between the traffic and the poles,

before the next set of lights

where the route just disappears!

Nasty piece of work this, if it isn't dangerous, then that's because no sane cyclist would mount the pavement to use it.

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  1. I agree it is crap - leading cyclists on and off the road, through street furniture obstacle courses, oblivious pedestrians and having to give way (or not?) at side streets. I'll always keep to the road where a lane joins a pavement. Trouble is some motorists feel we have to use the lane and act accordingly!

  2. Who ever designed that pile of crap should be made to cycle it, daily.

  3. FYI, it was designed by Stephen Mack, MCC Highways Dept. Even worse at night, the takeaway workers park on the footway/off-road section. Remarking this section of Great Ancoats Street means there are now three general traffic lanes, as opposed to the previous two, which means the capacity of the junction for general traffic (cars) is increased, reducing journey times.

    IMO the inside lane should have been marked as cycle only with a buffer zone/hatching for the two (middle/outside) general traffic lanes remaining, which would have kept the same general traffic capacity whilst improving safety and conditions for cyclists and pedestrians.

  4. Does Stephen Mack ride a bike? Perhaps we should challenge him to ride this route with high volumes of traffic going past and make a video of his progress...

  5. Good idea. Unsure whether he does actually ride! All these 'improvements' should get vetted by a Councillor with responsibility for cycling or GMCC, IMO. However, I fear they prefer vehicular cycling so wouldn't be interested.