Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Bollards - Sackville St

Bollards are one of the most common obstructions in cycle routes. In this case one has been added right in the middle of the cycle sign.

Clearly in this case the bollards don't obstruct a cycle route, unless you are good at bunny hops.

The cycle markings are pretty confused and confusing.

This is actually trying to tell you where to go after crossing northbound under the Mancunian Way.

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  1. Y'know looking at those markings Mike, it's actually a bit insulting - I mean, what caliber of person to they take a cyclist to be?

    And as well as being patronising, they are as you point out, a complete cock-up anyway :>D

  2. These bollards might be an obstruction. But I have to say in most cases bollards are used for safety, security and for other reasons and are very appropriate for their specific need. Check out McGraw-Hill, my employer. You will see how important bollards can be.

  3. Ian

    I agree it is quite insulting - imagine someone deciding to plant bollards in the middle of a road - it doesn't happen, but cycle facilities are littered with street furniture