Wednesday 14 July 2010

Irwell River Park

I've just been to a presentation about the Irwell River Park as part of a day of presentations about transport around the MediaCity site. There were lots of detailed maps and pictures detailing the new bridges and paths, all good stuff.

So, I get back to my desk and look up the web site....

Good isn't it? Ok maybe not.

It is very disappointing to find that the web site is one single page with none of the detail.

Suffice to say that for people cycling from Central Manchester to MediaCity this is a potentially pleasant and useful route, but it hasn't fully secured funding yet, and as it stands parts of the route are blocked by gates which get locked in the evenings and poor surfaces.

Update: The web site is a holding page, and the real site will go live "in a couple of weeks"

So, watch this space....


  1. The sections under the bridge get locked at 3pm in winter, 5 or 6 in summer. I think they are afraid of trolls.

  2. The web site is now up and running.