Monday, 31 March 2014

New Salford Cycle Path - Broughton Bridge to Adelphi Footbridge

Out walking on Sunday I came across this newly constructed cycle track on the northwest side of the River Irwell between  Broughton Bridge and Adelphi Footbridge in Salford.

You can tell it is supposed to be a cycle path because of the (anti-)cycling barriers at the entrance.

I'm not sure whether the path is finished or whether there is going to be a proper tarmac surface.

It is a pleasant alternative to the cycle route on the other side of the river, which at this point is enclosed by a fence.

The fencing certainly doesn't give the impression of being finished. The various cycle barriers can easily be bypassed at the moment.

All too soon Adelphi Footbridge comes into view

and the end of the path is in sight.

There is some hedge laying evident at this end.

The path from the footbridge end.

This location is part of NCN route 6, and the site of one of Salford's worst anti-cycling barriers.

So a short little path with views of the river, pleasant, but not going to encourage too many new journeys by bike.

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  1. That's a nice half mile long path, made useless by Salford City Council's complete failure to appreciate that someone on a bike might not want to stop, get off and push it in order to get on and off that half mile long path....