Monday 18 May 2015

Destruction of a cycle track

In many cities in the UK they are building new cycle tracks, but in Manchester they are being destroyed. These signs have recently been erected to tell us that our cycle route has been closed.

However, there is no alternative route signposted, nothing at all.

It is a case of tough shit, no more cycle track, no more bus stop bypass, you now have to cycle through the bus stop!

The cycle route sign still exists, behind bars.

The other side of the fence you can see that the cycle track has already been destroyed.

Almost all of it has been removed.

So, how on earth has Manchester City Council allowed this to happen? I don't know, but if anyone can find the planning documents for the Water Street Project, we may be able to find out.


  1. Have you written to the councillors? Or your MP?

  2. Councillors have been contacted...

    Have you done the same?