Sunday, 30 March 2014

Broughton Bridge Salford

This is where anyone who rides a bike wonders about the sanity of the people who design cycle facilities in Salford. This is Blackfriars Road, heading south across Broughton Bridge. Up till now there has been no cycle lanes at all..

Suddenly as you approach the bridge an advisory (i.e. useless) cycle lane appears...

but as you get onto the bridge it stops

then starts again

only to end short of the traffic lights

and reappears just before the advanced stop line box.

Not that the local drivers give a shit about the cycle facilities round here.

Not even the bus drivers!

It is just as mad on the other side of the road, the cycle lane starts as you get towards the bridge,

but stops and starts again at the road narrowing, only to start again a few yards later.

I have to ask the question, who on earth thought this was a good idea? It strikes me as utterly idiotic, an example of council tokenism which we should all condemn. Even worse, where were the cycle campaigners when this went out for consultation? Did it go out for consultation?

Just remember folks, somebody got paid to design this!

At this point I would normally embed a Google map, but it appears to be somewhat broken, so here is a link to Open Street Map instead...

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