Saturday, 2 September 2017

Oxford Road, it's better than nothing, but nothing like Amsterdam!

It's better than nothing, but nothing like Amsterdam!

Notice the lack of junction treatment, no protection from vehicles turning left across the cycle route. In Amsterdam cycles get a separate phase at traffic lights.

Meantime the bus stops are over complicated, with pointless solar powered led lights, rumble strips and give way signs that were added later. Money spent on blaming people cycling whilst ignoring the real dangers at the junctions.

But the real problems on this route are the drivers using the cycle route as a parking place, normally it's private hire cars, but this time it was rather different...

Oxford Road going south

Oxford Road going north

When they put in half decent cycle routes in Manchester it's not long before they are closed by building works...

Thursday, 31 August 2017

How will this turn out?

We've had promises before - the outcomes have mostly been pretty dreadful.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

North West Velo Fest is back!


World Naked Bike Ride 2017
Riding a bike, but with no clothes on.
6 for 7pm start, All Saints Park (M15)

Afterparty on the streets
Samba band street party! Nudity likely.
8pm start, Sandbar (M1)


Hell of the North West (race)
Competitive alleycat race. Cash first prize.
2pm start, Hillcourt Street Cycles (M1)

Festival kicks off proper
Live music from the mighty Galivantes.
8pm start, The Old Abbey Taphouse (M15)

Midnight Mass
Mass night ride with bike soundsystems.
10pm start, The Old Abbey Taphouse (M15)


BMX tricks & get your bike fixed
Free bike repairs alongside BMX UK finals.
1-4pm, Platt Fields Bike Hub (M14)

Beginners life drawing - bike theme
All welcome, test your artistic ability!
5pm start, Sandbar (M1)


Bike dancing taster session
Learn from the world-famous Spokes!
6pm start, Platt Fields Bike Hub (M14)


Spandex Ballet (road ride)
A 30 mile road ride at 16mph pace.
7 for 7.30pm start, Sandbar (M1)


Sprint race championship - open to all
Fixed and geared sprint race with prizes.
6pm feeder ride from Central Library (M2)
7pm start at Pomona Tram Stop (M16)


Street art tour ride
Graffiti tour with bike soundsystem.
6.30 for 7pm start, Whitworth Gallery (M15)


Cogs and Kegs Party
Bike games, brewtap & soundsystem.
7pm feeder ride from Central Library (M2)
7.30pm start, secret location
(to be announced on Facebook on the day)


The Beer and Deer Ride (gravel/road ride)
Social ride out to Dunham Massey Brewery.
12 for 1pm start, Platt Fields Bike Hub (M14)


The Monumental Treasure Hunt
All abilities bike treasure hunt. Win prizes!
1pm start, Pop-up Bikes (M4)


Summer Solstice (road ride)
20 miles of Cheshire countryside, social pace
6 for 6.30pm start, Sandbar (M1)


Bike polo taster and picnic
BYO drinks and picnic for a polo introduction
7pm, Chorlton Park Tennis Courts (M21)


Manchester music tour ride
Tour of manc music locations + soundsystem.
with Manchester District Music Archive
7pm, Central Library (M2)


Closing party
Outdoor film screening, music and pub quiz.
7pm, The Angel Pub (M4)

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Why has there been 14 months of inaction on the Irwell Towpath in Ordsall?

Has my ranting and raving on Twitter finally forced some action on the Irwell Towpath?

This path has been closed since December 2015

This morning was the first time in 14 months I have seen work being carried out on the path.

Rubble was being lifted into the area of the collapsed path and raked into position.

On returning this evening it was clear that this was not a long term repair of the towpath but a short term cludge.

Bags of rocks have been placed in the river to provide an outer edge and rubble has been put in between the bags and the remaining path to build the area up towards path level.

The fact that this is a short term measure begs the question as to why it has take over 14 months to get this far?