Saturday, 29 March 2014

Manchester March Critical Mass

This month's Critical Mass was nearly a washout. The cold and pouring rain an hour earlier in the afternoon left many wondering whether to brave the elements. Numbers were probably a bit down because of the weather, but the rain stopped and the evening warmed up a little as we met outside the Library for the first time in a couple of years.

It was a really interesting mix of people, including academics from Manchester Cycling Lab and several people who run bike based businesses along with several local bloggers and film makers.

The most unusual machine on the ride was this penny farthing which I had to keep a careful eye on from my low position on the Brox.

The ride set out south along Oxford street, but was forced into a massive u-turn by the road closure and headed south along Peter Street,

then east into Albert Square

and on into Cross Street

before more road closures forced us up New Market.

Another notable participant in the ride was a mum who rode the whole way with her 3 children, one on the front and two in the trailer. Just fantastic!

As it had been decided to end the ride in Sandbar, the ride looped round and round the city centre, venturing out onto Great Ancoats Street for a short way,

where one of those dangerous stretch limos was parked on the pavement.

We then turned south down Oldham Street for the statutory big wheel photo,

and an excuse to try and get two big wheels in one shot...

Then down London Road

with Pavol's dog still keeping up

and right into Grosvenor Street to end at Sandbar.

A very enjoyable ride, if a bit cold.

See you all next month for the first ride after the clocks change.

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