Monday, 31 March 2014

Seville's Cycle Segregation Measures are not Plastic Armadillos!

If you do a quick web search for Seville and cycling and you will find images of cycle lane separators that look like this:-

Pics via Bike Friendly Oak Cliff

and this

pic via ECF

and this

pic via London Cycling Campaign

and this

Pic via Which Way Austin

and this...

pic via the Alternative Department for Transport

None of which are the cheap plastic armadillos being trialed in Salford. These are apparently known as "Tobys" and would do severe damage to any vehicle that tried to run over them. They have been chosen by Bristol in preference to plastic armadillos.

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  1. Interesting. Sadly it seems that the possibility of damage to their vehicle is the only thing that will deter some drivers. And often not even that - thinking of the city-centre bollard videos ( ) and the road features like those As Easy As Riding A Bike has highlights ( ).

    Work on the Wilmslow Road/Wilbraham Road junction continues apace, and while I will reserve judgement until it's complete, I was pleased to see the short section of northbound approach (where the ASL filter lane used to be) is now separated by small kerbed "islands". Not an armadillo to be seen.