Wednesday, 2 October 2013

NCN Route 6 closed for the rest of the year

I discovered today that National Cycle Network Route 6 will be closed on Liverpool Road from 14th October for at least 3 months. It turns out that United Utilities will be closing Liverpool Road and Water Street entirely for around 3 months. Whilst there will still be narrow pedestrian access there will be no provision for cycling whilst the first phase of work is carried out. Anyone cycling along Water Street or along Liverpool Road will have to get off and walk around the junction.

In the new year there may be provision for people cycling to get between Princes Bridge and Liverpool Road along Woollam Place, but don't hold your breath.

So if you regularly use Liverpool Road and Princes Bridge you may find yourself being sent on long unpleasant diversions via Mancunian Way, Chester Road, Bridgewater Viaduct, Deansgate, Quay Street and Water Street and vice versa.

If you are on a bicycle you can get off and push along the pavement, but anyone who uses a trike or trailer may have to go round the long way because the pavements are going to be very narrow at the junction.

UPDATE: this is the diversion which is going to be posted by United Utilities - it's 3/4 mile long and goes up and down a hill.

View Water Street Diversion in a larger map

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