Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Daisyfield Greenway

Quite an odd little rail-path this one, small but perfectly formed one might say...I came across it as part of NCN6, taking me from Manchester to Bury, more of which another time.

As you join it from the south you are greeted with this grand stone telling you about the project.

Turn right towards Bury and a wonderful wide, well lit railway path awaits.

With the exception of the broken glass it is by far the best maintained part of the route from Manchester to Bury.

The Wellington Street Viaduct even has pavements for pedestrians.

However this is where the path ends, as the rest of the rail route has been built on by the local school.

If you try going in the other direction you soon reach the end of the path.

I didn't venture beyond this point.

Bury do have ambitions to extend the path...

The problem seems to be round here that really good paths like this are short and don't go anywhere, whilst longer, more useful routes are pretty poor...

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