Wednesday 17 September 2014

Four Minutes to Cross the Road

Manchester City Council have shown us several plans for Velocity where people cycling will be expected to use toucan crossings.

The way the City Council engineers phase the traffic lights in Manchester this will delay people cycling by quite some considerable length of time and far longer than if they just stayed on the road.

Here is how the phasing of one current set of lights can delay me by up to four minutes on my way to work.

Just imagine the backlash from the motoring lobby if traffic lights in Manchester were set to delay drivers for this length of time.


  1. It's pretty unavoidable for most, but in your case it might be an option to go along liverpool road and under the roadabout?

    I lean towards utility cycling not 'vehicular' but here I just vote with my legs and go on the road.

    1. No, it is not possible, that route has been closed for several months.