Friday, 30 May 2014

Marvellous May Critical Mass

You can feel it in the air as the ride gather, and this was always going to be a good ride.

We had a total of four sound systems, which felt strange as I had been the only one through most of the winter. Though I had one speaker fail part way through the ride :(

We had skateboards as well today.

Along with a very diverse mix of riders, maybe near a balance of male & female.

Pete rode the Love Your Bike Ad-bike

And there were many really cool bikes!

It was a pretty big turnout. It felt like 200 with all the big machines and sound systems but was probably more like 170.

All in all a corker of a ride,

with many of the great characters of Manchester's cycling scene taking part.

And Nina enjoyed her first Critical Mass for ages.

Pete & me dropped out as the ride headed south towards the party at Subrosa.

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