Monday 19 May 2014

Cycling For Transport website

Alex Bailey a fellow cycle campaigner in GMCC and a frequent contributor to the GMCC Newsletter will launch his consumer guide to utility cycling, "Cycling For Transport" at the start of Bike Week. It is a technical website for people who want to make cycling their main mode of transport for short journeys. It has information on bicycle components and accessories. It also covers the practicalities of integrating cycling with everyday life.

The website will be a source of information on using a normal bike for commuting, shopping and other day-to-day transport. Alongside information on bike parts, it will give practical tips on integrating cycling into everyday life, including pages on storing a bike at home and on non-sporty clothing suitable for longer journeys. It will also have a concise glossary explaining bike terms, helping new cyclists to cut through the jargon. is being written by Alex Bailey, a life-long cyclist living in North Manchester who cycles to get around the city. “Bicycles have been my main mode of transport for 25 years, and I have a marginally unhealthy obsession with them,” jokes Alex. “I’ve now decided it’s now time to stop boring my friends with my cycling information and instead to put it online where people who actually want bike facts can find them!”

“There are plenty of cycling sites out there, but this one will deal with utility cycling, rather than racing, mountain biking or leisure rides,” says Alex. “Transport cycling in the UK seems to be the poor cousin of performance cycling. And as long as the manufacturers perceive cycling as a sport, the bike shops will sell the wrong bikes to people who actually want to cycle to work. However, when consumers know what to look for, they choose something more suitable.”

“So people need accurate information. I wanted to create a site where utility cycling solutions were presented clearly and without unnecessary detail.”

A text-only version of the site was uploaded late last year so that other cyclists could offer comment. This spring, the site was illustrated with photographs taken in Bristol, Bath, Cambridge, London and Manchester. Additional images will be uploaded prior to the official launch on 14 June 2014.

The site can be previewed at Updates are being posted on Twitter by @UsefulBikes.

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