Sunday, 7 June 2015

Response to Manchester City Council: Proposal to Improve Deansgate Junction with Liverpool Road and Great Bridgewater Street

I don't know whether these plans have been discussed with the new Manchester Cycle Forum group, but I received it as a local resident. As far as I can tell these plans are not available on the City Council web site. If you wish to respond you can email c.ebizie(at) by the 12th June. I have responded as a local resident along the following lines...

I frequently walk and cycle through this junction and occasionally have to drive through it.

This is a dangerous and intimidating junction for anyone cycling or walking. The behavior of drivers in this area is dreadful. Speeding is a frequent problem in this area, as are drivers using the wrong lanes, blocking cycle lanes and running red lights. Stand at this junction for more than 10 minutes and you will see cars, taxis or even buses being driven through red lights.

Looking North

Looking South

Looking East - note the respect shown for the cycle facilities!

Looking West

National Cycle Network Route 6 runs through this junction

This is what it is like to cycle NCN 6 here.

I support the proposal to ban right turns for motor vehicles from Deansgate in both directions, not least because I suggested this approach to the council last year. At the time I was told that it was not possible, so I am glad to see this first step. However, the proposals do not go far enough to make this junction safe and people friendly and are still dangerous. This design will encourage even more dangerous rat running along Barton Street and Southern Street to get around the banned right turn into Liverpool Road.

Barton Street

The proposed design lacks good quality segregated cycle tracks and the proposal places people cycling directly in the path of left turning traffic on all four approaches.

Also, these proposals have been brought forward in isolation without the plans for the junction on Deansgate by the station and the plans for Liverpool Road, both of which will have an impact on this design.

There are a number of changes that I think are necessary to ensure that this junction is safe:-
  • Ban right turns for motor vehicles from Liverpool Road onto Deansgate southbound.
  • Ban right turns for motor vehicles from Great Bridgewater Street onto Deansgate northbound.
  • Reduce the northbound road to a single lane for motor traffic approaching the junction on Deansgate.
  • Reduce the southbound road to a single lane for motor traffic approaching the junction on Deansgate.
  • Use the road space reallocated by reducing the number of lanes to create 3 metre wide segregated cycle tracks on all four approaches to the junction and remove the advance stop boxes.
  • Install traffic lights with separate traffic light phases for cycles.
  • Enable right turns for cycles in all directions during the green cycle phase.
  • Close Barton Street and Southern Street to motor vehicles by placing bollards in the road at the junction with Liverpool Road on both sides to prevent dangerous rat running.

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