Friday, 26 June 2015

Cycle Facilities vs Roadworks

There was a fairly positive but brief discussion at the recent Manchester Cycle Forum this week about the problems of cycle facilities at roadworks. As one officer put it, at the moment contractors just put up Cyclist Dismount signs and think that's it.... They are working on guidelines for contractors to be issued by Manchester City Council and then shared across all the GM councils via TfGM.

Here are two bad examples I found today. First on Middlewood Street, opposite the armadillos.

The first thing you see, at the incorrect NCN6 sign are the roadworks and road narrows signs.

Further up is the lazy Cyclists Dismount sign, as the pedestrians are pushed out onto the cycle lane.

Pedestrians are then supposed to rejoin here, only to find a car blocking the pavement further up.

The other was someone digging a dirty great big hole in the cycle track by Sackville Street.

I suspect there are many more around the place, hopefully not for too much longer.

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