Sunday 17 August 2014

Tyldesley Loopline 2, Roe Green to Ellenbrook

This route is entirely traffic free and runs for just over one and a third miles along the disused trackbed of the Tyldesley Loopline in Salford. The Tyldesley Loopline was part of the London and North Western Railway's line from Eccles to Kenyon Junction on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. The line opened in 1864 and closed in 1969.

This post covers the section from the junction with Roe Green Loop Line at Roe Green to Ellenbrook. It is a continuation of a previous post Tyldesley Loopline 1 - Monton to Roe Green.

At Roe Green the two bridges carry Greenleach Lane over the continuation of the Tyldesley Loopline to the left as it turns west and the newer Roe Green Loop Line to the right which continues north heading for Bolton.

This post takes the left fork along the Tyldesley Loopline.

The path starts off as a wide railpath on the track bed

However, the trackbed soon becomes a wetland and the path moves to one side

and climbs onto the side of the cutting as the trackbed becomes more like a swamp.

The bridge takes you under the junction between the East Lancashire Road and Walkden Road.

This is a long dark tunnel under the road and is in serious need of proper lighting.

Immediately after the path climbs steeply up to road level to escape the wet trackbed.

From here the path takes a few twists and turns

before settling down on the south side of the trackbed

well above the wetland below.

Here the signposting gets a bit eccentric

but the path is fairly well defined and reasonably well surfaced.

Most of the barriers are easily bypassed

and as the route emerges from the cutting the path returns to the trackbed.

Finally it ends in a fork. Take the right hand side to get to the bike barrier.

Here at Ellenbrook you will now see the construction of the guided busway

Currently the route is blocked awaiting the completion of the busway which promises a parallel cycle route.

Meantime I have a set of photos from last year's ride along the route, just after the trees were felled... but that will have to wait for another post.

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  1. Nice post thanks, I've cycled this as part of a commute between Atherton and MediaCityUK a couple of times over the last fortnight. Some of it will be pretty muddy after any rain, it is now and it's been dry a fortnight. Nice ride though and beats the traffic either end hands down. The earlier Worsley to Roe Green bit is being resurfaced now and, at least for the moment, is still open., The guys with the heavy machinery were happy to pause and wave me through at least. Should be a great commute for me once the busway and parallel shared use track is open.