Saturday 9 August 2014

Salford Anti-Cycling Barriers - Trinity Way

Here was today's WTF moment....

Looking across from Hampson Street towards Princes bridge these dirty great big barriers are cutting right across the cycle route.

The view from the other side.

It seems the anti-cycling brigade have been at it again.

The cycle lane southbound on Trinity Way has been completely blocked to the north.

At this point there is a gap in the barriers for the pedestrian crossing, but no concession for those cycling.

To the south the jug-handle crossing has also been blocked.

You can still stop the traffic by pressing the button, but it is completely blocked.

Some idiot clearly couldn't give a shit about this busy cycle route and Salford Council don't seem to care either. This is National Cycle Network Route 6.

What with the blockage of the Irwell Towpath here as well it is now pretty difficult to get through this area.


  1. This was my route to work until they put those barriers up.

  2. Do you know why the barriers have been put up?

    And you say Salford Council don't care. Have you tried to contact them and with what result?

    Of course it's inexcusable that the cycle paths have been blocked like this, but there are some gaps in the article.

    1. Why don't you try contacting them?

      Indeed, why hasn't everyone who has been affected by this contacted Salford Council?

      If it is always me that complains I will be ignored, if hundreds of people complain, then they might take some action...

  3. I have reported it at FixMyStreet. I hope you don't mind but I used on of your photos on the report. I will remove it and take my own if you want.

  4. I came across this on Saturday when cycling the route for the first time. For a new user it was quite confusing. I think the signage on the Salford leg of NCR6 needs to be improved, I ended up doing a loop of the Meadows park then had to retrace my steps to find the route.