Sunday, 3 August 2014

Joyous July Critical Mass

For a change I turned up late to Critical Mass and arrived with only two wheels (and no sound system) to celebrate my return to bicycling. As I turned up the riders were just extricating themselves from outside the library.

It was a beautiful evening for a cycle ride

with around 150 fellow riders.

We met many others on bikes...

and created a real party atmosphere on Deansgate.

Thankfully, there was one sound system to provide music. The red cycle trailer that was silent on June's ride had been repaired with a new pair of off-the-shelf loudspeakers.

After a short excursion into Salford we returned to Manchester

and then towards the Northern Quarter.

The ride was really friendly

and featured lots of colour

though some sartorial combinations were questionable ;-)

This contraption was supposed to be a bubble machine, but failed on the ride.

We were also joined by an inline skater,

skateboards and three new scooters.

After a wonderful decent of London Road

we went south down Oxford Road

and out to Platt Fields Park

to visit the new Bike Hub project.

And finally a demonstration of what the bubble machine was supposed to do :)

Gives me ideas for next month...

To keep up with Manchester Critical Mass follow the Facebook page.

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