Friday 20 June 2014

The Big Commute Result

This morning was the Love Your Bike/Bike Month Manchester Big Commuter Challenge.

Five people set off from the car park of Crumpsall Green Methodist Church at 8am to show how different forms of transport compare.

Manchester City Council's leader, Sir Richard Leese rode his bike, Pavol Gajdos of Manchester Cycle Deliveries pedaled his cargo bike, Helen Rimmer from Friends of the Earth caught the bus, Charlotte Cox Transport reporter for Manchester Evening News took the tram, and Rob Raikes went by car.

Photograph from Love Your Bike

There was, however, a bit of a problem with navigation at the start, and Richard ended up giving the other participants directions...

Meantime, in Albert Square we were making preparations for the arrival of the participants.

We got somewhat caught out by the sudden arrival of Richard and Pavol only 14 minutes later.

Then the waiting began...

Meantime Pavol delivered his package to Cllr Chris Paul

and Richard took the opportunity to try out Pavol's cargo bike.

It was another 23 minutes before Charlotte appeared,

followed one minute later by Helen,

and Rob finally arrived a further 5 minutes later.

The final result.

There then followed lots of photos for the press

and one last chance to try out Pavol's cargo bike.

Sir Richard Leese has already written about his experience of taking part on The Leader's Blog, Love your Bike have a report on their web site and Charlotte Cox has covered the event in the Manchester Evening News.

There more information about Pavol and his cargo bike on his web site

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