Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Big Commute Challenge

The Big Commute Challenge - 5 commuters, 1 journey,
who will arrive first?

On Friday 20th June, Sir Richard Leese (Leader, Manchester City Council) will join Charlotte Cox (Manchester Evening News transport correspondent) and three other participants in the Big Commute Challenge. To find out which way of travelling to work is quicker, cleaner and the best for your waistline!

The Big Commute Challenge participants will set off from Crumpsall Green Methodist Church at 8am and make their way to Manchester Town Hall, Albert Square by bicycle, bus, car, cargo bike (with 40kg of luggage) and tram. Sir Richard Leese will be cycling to the Town Hall - how will he fare?

The Big Commute Challenge has been organised by Love You Bike as part of BikeMonthMcr which is promoting and celebrating all things cycling with a month of bike activities across Greater Manchester in June.

Sir Richard Leese said: "Cyclists have long known that Manchester is a very easy city to get around by bike and this challenge will give us a chance to put that to the test, while promoting cycling as a cheap, clean and healthy alternative to using a car."

Graeme Sherriff, Manchester Friends of the Earth sustainable transport campaign co-ordinator said: "How we get to work in the morning has a big impact on our pocket, our health and climate change. The Big Commute Challenge puts the options to the test."

BikeMonthMcr is co-ordinated by Love Your Bike, and supported by Manchester City Council and seeks to celebrate and promote cycling in Greater Manchester. The BikeMonthMcr website provides details of 300+ cycling events across every Greater Manchester area.

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  1. It would be interesting of the results from this were published with the comparative chance of dying from each mode!