Monday, 21 April 2014

More paint to protect the plastic crap

Since I walked up Middlewood Street and Liverpool Street on Thursday morning, Salford Council have been busy adding big white arrows to try and protect the new plastic traffic islands.

This paint is a desperate attempt to prevent these plastic measures being smashed up before the consultation period ends on 5th May.

It is such a shame that Salford Council didn't use all the space available in these locations to put in the correct width cycle lanes.


  1. In Oxford the other day I was reminded of these separators.
    Certainly not as sturdy as full kerbed islands, and the lane is very narrow for a bi-directional, but surely these kerbstones have to be stronger than armadillos and I can't believe they would cost much more or present more difficulties in the way of drainage or maintenance?

    It seems increasingly likely that only measures which are likely to cause damage to a motor vehicle will stop drivers encroaching over them.

  2. I use to live just of this road in Salford , its better then nothing but the lane does need to be wider .