Saturday, 26 April 2014

May 17th Manchester #Space4Cycling

Manchester will take part in the national demonstration campaign ride for Space4Cycling.

The ride will assemble at the Boathouse in Platt Fields Park from 1pm on Saturday 17th May and will ride off at 2pm.

The route has yet to be finalised, but is expected to go down "Curry Mile" and then along Oxford Road before arriving in Manchester City Centre.

We need to get thousands of people out on this ride to protest at the lack of campaign for space for cycling in Manchester.

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  1. I am told by GMCC that this is not a protest and their name must not be used in relation to any kind of protest. Then what on earth is this for? The last Space4Cycling ride got an unprecedented number of people out in the streets, but made a negligible impact as it was even quieter than other, informal mass rides.

  2. Ah, found it - - I wish the organisers would share information with the rest of GMCC activists rather than operating in secret!