Sunday 8 May 2016

Wilmslow Road Northbound - 2 videos

Not sure this needs any words... it's just unbelievable.

Watch out for the way that motor cycles have been parked on the cycle track...

Once Oxford Road has been sorted I suspect this will be chaos.


  1. In the first video, at 3:52 and 4:04
    there seems to be a mandatory cycle lane, but only between stated times !
    Needs re-painting - times no longer relevant, given hard separation!
    It's very messy!
    All that transition between different ped-mixes.
    At 2:20 on the 2nd video
    the only way to know which side is for bikes, and which for peds is the 'tactile paving'! Only blind people understand it. The sign is wrong - should be (ped|bike) not (bike)!

  2. I used that Shell petrol station to do a U turn while driving. When pulling out of it to turn left I noticed how dangerous the new cycle lane is. Really hard to see cyclists coming at the same time as looking at the actual road and then once I got out there was a bus stopped at the bus stop. Will definitely cause lots of conflicts with drivers not paying attention after filling up. Will stick to the A34 Kingsway/Birchfields road/Upper Brook Street methinks (hate driving in cities but needed to get somewhere and not be sweaty). Not looking forward to them ruining Oxford Road (fortunately I will only have to use a small part of it).