Saturday 4 October 2014

Central Library Cycle Parking

With the reopening of St Peter's Square following the move of the cenotaph and the refurbishment of the Central Library it is somewhat disappointing to see that people are still having to lock bikes to the tram platform railings.

Whilst there are bike racks across the road, next to the now useless cycle track, these were also full, and one bike was locked to the Cycle Lane Suspended sign

This sign also begs the question as to whether the cycle route across the square will ever be reopened.

If you look very hard beyond the footpath closed signs there are some more racks on the far side of the tram stop.

However, the set near Princess Street are out of reach behind barriers.

So will there be any new cycle parking outside Central Library?

After all there is plenty of space and it would be nice to think that it would fit in with the designs for the seating.

There really is lots of space...

The answer is yes there will be some new cycle racks, you can see them here...

Propped up against an ugly telecoms cabinet

there are around 10 ordinary Sheffield stands waiting to be installed.

I think this could be seen as progress, if you think that more of the same stuff is progress, but even this is very slow and does not look like the actions of a cycling city aiming to make cycling a major mode of transport.


  1. The Sheffield bike stands are a bike thief's dream come true. The locks can be moved to ground level and then smashed or levered. Better designs are available with loops that keep the lock close to the bike and allow less leverage opportunity to thieves. I would not leave my bike on one of these.

  2. And what about the closed cycle lane? Was this consulted on? Are the £500 penalty signs still up? The 'alternative' along Mount St isn't a like for like replacement through a busy thoroughfare.
    Not to mention the Peace Garden, conveniently forgotten.