Thursday, 19 September 2013

More blocked cycle parking

The issue of crap advertising bikes in Manchester is becoming an increasing problem...

Photo by Jeff Rungle

These shitty bike trailers, mostly advertising cheap alcohol in a fairly tasteless manner are turning up all over the place.

They usually block two cycle parking spaces at once, with chains attached to both racks

and they are often weighted down at the front with plastic canisters of water.

This company are acting as parasites, running an advertising company on the cheap by using cycle parking places which have been provided by the councils. Whilst I usually support bike-based businesses, this lot are a big exception. They even see nothing wrong in blocking cycle parking and cycle tracks.

It may also be against the provision of the Highways Act 1980, section 115E.


  1. Is it worth getting some large stickers made up with a pic of Jimmy Saville and the words "now then now then I like..." and just deploy them on these ads??

  2. It's an enforcement issue, as with A boards on the footway.

    1) you generally need planning consent to erect an advertising poster - these have none, and thus the council can remove them in the same way that adverts can be cut off guard-railing.

    2) the council can post management conditions on all cycle racks (would help if the racks had been specified with tapping rail panels as we did with Glasgow from 1995 onwards) Conditions of use can post about use solely for parking cycles and trailers used for transporting persons or goods when making bone fide deliveries or visits for work or other purposes. Specifically the use of the parking for advertising media is prohibited. You can also post details warning that locks will be cut and bikes removed if these are abandoned (avoids liability for criminal damage of destroying someone's lock)