Saturday, 23 March 2013

Princes Bridge "will be removed"

In their latest newsletter on the subject Network rail have confirmed that Princes Bridge will be removed as part of the building of the Ordsall Chord, the new rail line to link Manchester Picadilly with Salford Central and Manchester Victoria stations.

Following on from last year's consultation, Network rail say that the future of Princes Bridge was a key issue for many people. They say they are "committed to providing a replacement crossing which maintains connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists (both short and long term)."

"Talks are ongoing with both Manchester City Council and Salford City Council as to what the bridge might look like, and where an appropriate location might be."

Lets just hope we don't end up with the usual low grade rubbish there is elsewhere on NCN6. Both council's have a track record of installing expensive anti-cycling barriers on bridges that exclude many people.

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