Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dangerous Bike Traffic Lights

Nasty arrangement of traffic lights - if this had happened on motor vehicle traffic lights it would have been fixed. However, because it's just bicycles, it's just left like this.

Going south-west across Dawson Street, you first see this,

Then this...

Question is, which one was your green light?

If you look carefully, you can see that the left hand lights are the same as the ones on the far side of the junction, so your light is the one on the right.

If you thought it was the one on the left you may have just ended up under oncoming traffic!

The fact is that the left hand light just shouldn't be there. Once you have crossed the first lane you CANNOT SEE the misleading lights.

Manchester City Council should remove this set of lights. They were an unnecessary additional cost.

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  1. Also, the markings are wrong: at traffic lights, there should be a solid white line on the ground, but here there are give way signs and dashed lines as you'd find at a normal unsignalled junction. (I wonder if legally you can ignore the bike traffic lights because of this?)

    Another way in which bike infrastructure has been installed without thought - can you imagine a normal junction with give way markings *and* traffic lights?

    Finally, that central island looks like it could hold two bikes at most, which gives the lie to the government's spiel about increasing cycling. Infrastructure like this couldn't handle an increase in cycling!