Sunday, 2 January 2011

Whitworth Street - WTF?

Can the idiot who wasted public money on this please own up...

No, this is not a faked photo, this really is a cycle path on a pavement with a pole in the middle. It is quite impossible to enter this track without falling off your bike into the path of a passing bus, or onto the pavement.

Not only that, this track ends in a give way sign, and there isn't even a dropped curb at the end so you can join the bus lane without a jolt.

On Google Maps you can see the before version - they removed the post box, other wise this would have been the most idiotic cycle facility ever...

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And it is a real shame that they removed a lovely old postbox to build an unusable cycle path!

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Just how much public money was wasted on this useless crap? I'd love to find out - if anyone knows the answer please tell.


  1. We note your assertion that it is impossible to cycle this path without falling off, but without evidence that you have attempted such an action the assertion is merely a claim, a belief, not a fact.

    Please can you attempt to ride it and include a video of the attempt, such as in the Bristol Traffic Project's coverage of the Coronation Road cycle path:

  2. SteveL, your video clearly shows the cyclist straying over the white line onto the pedestrian area in a couple of places - surely you could repeat the run with the victim instructed to stay the right side of the white line... ;~)

  3. Now that we have a bike mountable camera so that the path doesn't need to be cycled one-handed, we hope that one of our expendable team members can be persuaded to do the route at full race speed, ideally in the dark, to make for a more entertaining video.