Friday, 8 June 2012

Even more reasons not to put bikes on pavements

The other end of Chester Road this time.

I assume that NCP put this sign up and secured it to the street furniture.

The cycle track on the pavement is shit - this lamp post is in the middle of it, but it still doesn't excuse NCP's behavior.

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  1. I hate that cycle path. It's a shared use path where you have pedestrians walking on the bike portion so I either ring my bell or shout excuse me then feel rude for startling them, or I slow right down and silently glide past them giving as much space as I can, in which case I still feel a bit naughty. Then it ends really abruptly, and forces you into the road where I then have to move across to the right hand most lane (in just the space of the ASL box) in order to make a turn to Whitworth St to get to work...

  2. I think it is utterly useless and always cycle on the road.

  3. But... I noticed the segregated path on the other side of the road yesterday morning, used it to get home from work, and to and from work today and it is a joy!

    Takes me along Chester road, across the big roundabout, and then down to the Regents Road bridge, entirely on segregated paths. Someone in a car even gave way to me at this point yesterday evening: If we could just have that everywhere...

  4. But I definitely agree with you that that pavement path isn't worth using unless you don't feel comfortable being in fast moving traffic.